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Holiday stuff from Crown Royal Maple

8 Nov

Now that this Halloween business is over with, we can start planning how we’re going to suffer through those horrible Thanksgiving and Christmas conversations. The answer is drunk. Here are some food and drink ideas from Crown Royal Maple, the whiskey that tastes like pancake syrup.


Maple Bacon, Scallop and Apple Stack

Roasted Sage Sweet Potatoes

Pumpkin Crown Cake

Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Hot Toddy


What the hell is vermouth anyway?

15 Jan

If you fancy yourself a self-made mixologist or have ever cracked open a drink recipe book, you’ve probably gotten real pissed that half the stuff requires some type of vermouth and you never bought any because…what the hell is it?


Basically, vermouth is white wine with some liquor added into it. The stuff they add to it is usually too nasty to make a drink in itself like flowers and tree bark and shit, so that’s why they have to mix it with wine.

When you mix it into a drink with a strong liquor base, it sort of dilutes the alcohol content without watering it down. Instead, it should enhance the flavor of the base liquor or add something to it—thus the different types. So if you’re down to get blackout drunk, you don’t really have to add it, or if you like the flavor of your base liquor and any other ingredients, you may not miss it.

Halloween Drink – Spooky Colada

29 Oct

So Halloween’s not my thing. I’m not really into children, costumes or cold weather, so the only reason I choose to acknowledge it exists is that people throw parties; and I love parties. So if you’re planning a Halloween party, here’s a festive drink idea from our friends at 360 Vodka that I won’t actually drink if I come to your party because I don’t like popcorn either.

Spooky Colada

  • 2 oz Hot Buttered Popcorn vodka
  • 2 oz Pina Colada Mix
  • Squeeze of lime
  • Blood Orange (garnish)
Blend all the liquids with ice and garnish with a slice of blood orange. Then give me a beer instead.
I don’t care if you’re dressed up as “sober” for Halloween. Don’t freaking drink and drive home from your party.

Kelleigh Bannen’s Manhattan Recipe

24 Oct

I don’t know anything about country music after 2000. But apparently there’s someone named Kelleigh Bannen who people like and apparently she has a favorite Manhattan recipe.

Basically the only thing I want from that video is the ice cube tray. She may not know it, but those things are not only “hilarious.” They also keep your drink from getting too watered down while keeping it cold. Inventive, I know.

American Tip #3: Shoot a Nazi

4 Jul

This is perhaps the most American shot on anyone’s menu. And if there’s a milliliter of American in you, this will turn it into a gallon. Why? Because we use the Imperial system because it’s better.

Dead Nazi

  • 2/3 oz. Rumple Minze
  • 2/3 oz. Jagermeister

You won’t even get arrested for shooting anyone. But you might get arrested for lots of other things.

Pirate Juice – Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

20 Jun

I was recently invited to ‘step into the black’ with Captain Morgan Black spiced rum – the newest member of the Morgan family – and judging by the 94.6 proof, it’s pretty clear that this new rum is the crazy cousin that likes to party balls. This new rum is dark, spiced and very flavorful – and it isn’t just for rum drinkers.

At the tasting, we were schooled in the art of the cocktail by world-renowned mixologist Toby Maloney. He mixed up all different kinds of cocktails traditionally made with whiskey – and they all tasted like magic in my mouth. The dark, full flavor and spiciness of the new Captain Morgan Black brought these old drinks to a whole new level – and pretty much blew my mind. My favorite drink was the Black and Honey, which is strong enough to get you to swashbuckler status and tasty enough to make you want to chug it savor the deliciousness

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Review: Powell and Mahoney Mixers

5 Jun

Believe it or not, I like to know what I’m eating and drinking. Of course, I’m positive I’ve had more growth hormone-infested meat and pink slime than most folks I know, but that “All Natural” label gets me every time.

Normally, this means that my mixed drinks are also hand made, which can be hit or miss if you’re not a good mixologist, but Abby and I recently got a chance to try Powell & Mahoney‘s Low-Cal Margarita and Fresh Mojito mixers, and we were pretty impressed.

This company only uses juices, oils and organic cane sugar to keep things fresh, and the expiration date is surprisingly far off compared to most natural products.

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