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Why every gentleman should watch ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

3 Aug


The luggage under my eyes is particularly heavy this Monday because I slept about 2.5 hours last night. I wasn’t partying; and I wasn’t doing anything the title of this article may call to mind. In fact, I was all alone in my bed, staring at the ceiling and trying my best to catalog the thoughts racing through my mind. You see, I’m a big movie fan. So much a fan that I can’t visit Target without making a stop at the DVD section. Still, it’s not very often that a movie makes me lie awake at night. This was, without a doubt, my worst recorded case of the Sunday Scaries; and alcohol was not even to blame. Continue reading


Sam Adams Has A New IPA…And It’s Pretty Good.

12 Feb

While out at a bar recently, I came across a new beer I had never seen before: Rebel IPA. It looked interesting and I love IPAs, so I tried it out thinking that it was something new and local.

It was delicious – smooth, full of flavor and still not super filling – all the good characteristics of an IPA. I was stoked about it. So much so that I got a total beer boner for it and started to look it up on my Untappd app. (PS if you don’t have this app, you’re doing life – and beer drinking – very wrong.)

Rebe IPA Logo_largeIt turns out that this new IPA is actually made by Samuel Adams. I know – IPAs are supposed to be reserved for pretentious little hipster breweries, and made only by wafe-thin dudes with skinny jeans, long beards and tattoos. This Rebel IPA is not only made by a giant booze powerhouse, but it was fucking great and I’m really looking forward to having it again. Seriously, go try it – you will not be disappointed.

Long story short, nice job Sam Adams – you successfully gave this IPA-loving ginger a total beer boner (beerner?).

Vermont Ice Ice Baby

6 Nov

I was recently introduced to the nectar of the winter booze gods – and its name is Vermont Ice.

Boyden Valley Winery sounds like a place that would make a nice Pinot Noir or something else that would make you gag from pretention overload, but turn that frown upside down friends because this is the maker of a creamy, delicious spirit you’ll be chugging all winter long. Vermont Ice Maple Crème is a maple cream liqueur that’s 15% alcohol by volume and 100% tasty. This sweet sweet booze is made from Vermont maple syrup and apple brandy – and it tastes like Bailey’s on crack. You can definitely taste the maple flavor, so be prepared to feel like you’re cheating on your breakfast, but in the most perfect way.

Vermont Ice Maple Creme Cocktail

This maple cream is awesome for cold weather, and if I had more self-control, I would have tried it in coffee, on ice or in some sort of genius cocktail instead of just chugging the whole bottle immediately after opening it. I’m looking forward to buying another bottle and maybe sharing it with someone besides my dog this time – and I’m really stoked to get holiday drunk with this stuff in about a month.

Trust me, this stuff is on point. And you will want this deliciousness to keep you nice and drunk this holiday season with your terrible wonderful family.

Apparently, I have the stomach of a little bitch

14 Jan

I have a friend who’s from Hungary. Well…I’m pretty sure he was born in New Jersey, but his family is Hungarian and he’s way into Hungarian stuff. For Christmas he gave me a bottle I couldn’t read, except that I knew it was alcohol because he told me.

I tried it and almost gagged.


Apparently, Unicum, made by the Zwack family in Hungary, is the national shot of Hungary and basically everyone there who has the Internet thinks Americans are pussies because they don’t like it. That’s because it tastes like whatever kind of oppression that nation has experienced. Continue reading

Strangeways Dallas – Your New Favorite Bar

6 Oct

In my constant search for the perfect dive bar, I (drunkenly) stumble into some pretty strange and maybe dangerous places. I recently ran across a little hole-in-the-wall place in East Dallas that is a dive bar lover’s dream. Strangeways looks like a dark, seedy cave where you may possibly get shanked – but it is completely worth the risk. With tons of rare craft brews on tap and bottled, along with a huge assortment of interesting liquors, Strangeways is an awesome place to kick back and try some great new beers.

The little bar on Fitzhugh is owned by two siblings, Eric and Erica Sanchez, and is pretty small and low-key with an awesomely casual atmosphere and laid-back vibe. This is the dive bar you’ve been searching for – where you can try all kinds of new beers and cocktails and chow down on some delicious food without a bunch of douche cakes spilling beer down your back and body slamming you into the bar. Go to Strangeways, sit on the patio and order a beer you’ve ever heard of – no Smirnoff Ice for you here. It will be interesting and tasty and you’ll be hooked.

Dallas Date Night: The Cedars Social

26 Jun

At first glance, The Cedars Social doesn’t look like much. There’s no sign out front, the building is a little sketch and it looks pretty small and uninviting. Then, as you walk into the possibly dangerous, unmarked south Dallas building against your better judgment, your mind is blown. This place is swank at its finest, and has a really cool retro vibe.

The Cedars Social is a cocktail den and restaurant with modern-day comfort food prepared by well-known NYC chef Kyle McClelland, as well as delicious old-school cocktails mixed by renowned mixologist Michael Martensen. Continue reading

Review: Powell and Mahoney Mixers

5 Jun

Believe it or not, I like to know what I’m eating and drinking. Of course, I’m positive I’ve had more growth hormone-infested meat and pink slime than most folks I know, but that “All Natural” label gets me every time.

Normally, this means that my mixed drinks are also hand made, which can be hit or miss if you’re not a good mixologist, but Abby and I recently got a chance to try Powell & Mahoney‘s Low-Cal Margarita and Fresh Mojito mixers, and we were pretty impressed.

This company only uses juices, oils and organic cane sugar to keep things fresh, and the expiration date is surprisingly far off compared to most natural products.

Here’s what we thought… Continue reading