Review: Powell and Mahoney Mixers

5 Jun

Believe it or not, I like to know what I’m eating and drinking. Of course, I’m positive I’ve had more growth hormone-infested meat and pink slime than most folks I know, but that “All Natural” label gets me every time.

Normally, this means that my mixed drinks are also hand made, which can be hit or miss if you’re not a good mixologist, but Abby and I recently got a chance to try Powell & Mahoney‘s Low-Cal Margarita and Fresh Mojito mixers, and we were pretty impressed.

This company only uses juices, oils and organic cane sugar to keep things fresh, and the expiration date is surprisingly far off compared to most natural products.

Here’s what we thought…


Low-cal margarita mix: A-

I’ve tried a few low-cal or fat free margarita mixes in the past, and I’ve always been underwhelmed with the amount of flavor. They usually taste pretty watered-down, but the Powell & Mahoney mixer is definitely not lacking in the taste department. It’s got a mix of juices in it, so it’s not straight up lime like most ‘ritas. I think it’s the pear juice that makes it so awesome.

Mojito Mix: C+

Mojitos aren’t normally my drink of choice, which is really the only reason I gave this a C+. For my taste, it was a little too sweet, which is arguably my fault for not making it mostly rum. If you like mint and lime, drink this drink.


So, when I’m not lining up shots, I enjoy a good cocktail. Being able to mix a drink at home that doesn’t taste like ass juice is always a plus, and any natural mixers are definitely winners in my book. Also, I love pretty bottles. For these reasons, I thoroughly enjoyed the Powell & Mahoney Limited mixers.

Low-cal Margarita Mix: B+

I kind of loved the all-natural, low-calorie margarita mixer. It paired well with the obscene amount of tequila I mixed in, and gave me a decent margarita that didn’t taste like pure sugar. The agave nectar sweetened the marg just enough for my taste and I really liked the unique hint of pear flavor. The Low-Cal Margarita mix is limey and pretty tart, which I like because I’m a badass – but it might be a little much for weaker other people.

Mojito Mix: A+

Let me start off by saying that I support everything mint-flavored and I especially love anything Hispanic (down with the brown – hit me up spicy Spaniards). Both of these special loves of my life have been bottled together to create a drinkgasm in the P&M Mojito mix. This brand is the first mojito mix I’ve drunkenly stumbled across that actually has serious mint flavor, AND it’s sweetened with organic sugar, just as the Cubans intended.

Product samples were provided for this review. But we wouldn’t lie to you.


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