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Vermont Ice Ice Baby

6 Nov

I was recently introduced to the nectar of the winter booze gods – and its name is Vermont Ice.

Boyden Valley Winery sounds like a place that would make a nice Pinot Noir or something else that would make you gag from pretention overload, but turn that frown upside down friends because this is the maker of a creamy, delicious spirit you’ll be chugging all winter long. Vermont Ice Maple Crème is a maple cream liqueur that’s 15% alcohol by volume and 100% tasty. This sweet sweet booze is made from Vermont maple syrup and apple brandy – and it tastes like Bailey’s on crack. You can definitely taste the maple flavor, so be prepared to feel like you’re cheating on your breakfast, but in the most perfect way.

Vermont Ice Maple Creme Cocktail

This maple cream is awesome for cold weather, and if I had more self-control, I would have tried it in coffee, on ice or in some sort of genius cocktail instead of just chugging the whole bottle immediately after opening it. I’m looking forward to buying another bottle and maybe sharing it with someone besides my dog this time – and I’m really stoked to get holiday drunk with this stuff in about a month.

Trust me, this stuff is on point. And you will want this deliciousness to keep you nice and drunk this holiday season with your terrible wonderful family.


It’s Full-On Fall

28 Oct

The leaves have turned. Football is always on. A chill is in the air and there is pumpkin- and cinnamon-flavored EVERYTHING. That means it’s full-on fall.

Fall is a fucking awesome season for so many reasons: you can bust out your best coats, long sleeves and scarves, it’s FOOTBALL SEASON, everything smells better (including you) and you can walk to your car without sweating through your shirt. Because this season is so joyous, there are a lot of seasonal activities to partake in, which are obviously all made better with booze. Sweet, sweet booze.

To make your life a little easier, here’s a guide to fall activities and the best booze to accompany them:

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What the hell is vermouth anyway?

15 Jan

If you fancy yourself a self-made mixologist or have ever cracked open a drink recipe book, you’ve probably gotten real pissed that half the stuff requires some type of vermouth and you never bought any because…what the hell is it?


Basically, vermouth is white wine with some liquor added into it. The stuff they add to it is usually too nasty to make a drink in itself like flowers and tree bark and shit, so that’s why they have to mix it with wine.

When you mix it into a drink with a strong liquor base, it sort of dilutes the alcohol content without watering it down. Instead, it should enhance the flavor of the base liquor or add something to it—thus the different types. So if you’re down to get blackout drunk, you don’t really have to add it, or if you like the flavor of your base liquor and any other ingredients, you may not miss it.

Pirate Juice – Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

20 Jun

I was recently invited to ‘step into the black’ with Captain Morgan Black spiced rum – the newest member of the Morgan family – and judging by the 94.6 proof, it’s pretty clear that this new rum is the crazy cousin that likes to party balls. This new rum is dark, spiced and very flavorful – and it isn’t just for rum drinkers.

At the tasting, we were schooled in the art of the cocktail by world-renowned mixologist Toby Maloney. He mixed up all different kinds of cocktails traditionally made with whiskey – and they all tasted like magic in my mouth. The dark, full flavor and spiciness of the new Captain Morgan Black brought these old drinks to a whole new level – and pretty much blew my mind. My favorite drink was the Black and Honey, which is strong enough to get you to swashbuckler status and tasty enough to make you want to chug it savor the deliciousness

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I’m ‘Usually’ More Picky

3 Feb

A few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to stop by Fort Worth’s much-acclaimed The Usual. If you’ve never been, it’s located on the Magnolia Avenue strip and prides itself on its speakeasy-style cocktails and neighborhood friendliness.

Here’s the thing. Ever since this prohibition trend has swept its way across DFW, my whiskey style has gone from neat to shaken. That’s right, everyone. As of late, I prefer cocktails.

Now don’t you go spreading rumors about me. I’m not sitting around milking cosmos. In light of the ’20s making a comeback, I’ve become a total Whiskey Smash junkie. Continue reading

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

12 Aug

A big glass of sweet tea just feels right after a long, hot day. A colossal adult beverage filled to the brim with sweet, sweet booze feels simply necessary after a stressful week. Firefly, the world’s first hand-crafted, sweet tea-flavored vodka, is a magical combination that satisfies both the need for a cool beverage and a stress-eliminating, booze-filled belly at any time.

I have to admit that I am not the world’s biggest vodka fan, which is why I love Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka on such a deep, emotional level – you can’t even taste the rubbing alcohol flavor that vodka naturally has, which is both awesome and a little dangerous (or just more awesome, depending on how you roll). Firefly is made in South Carolina, where they know how to party back woods style, and comes in a variety of different flavors. Because of the delicious flavor and the smooth taste, you can easily drink this powerful liquor on the rocks or in a variety of combinations, but my favorite way to enjoy Firefly is in an Arnold Palmer: Fill your glass with as much sweet tea vodka as your heart desires and add a splash of lemonade. Booyah.

This is the perfect drink to unwind with at the pool, in the bar or on the couch in your granny panties while watching trash TV.

Jello Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots (Everybody)

9 Aug

It. Is. Freaking. Hot outside.

You look like you need a light meal and a good drink. Well get ready to kill those birds with this stone right here. This is how I make Jello shots.

  1. Boil 1 cup water
  2. Add 1 box Jello powder
  3. Stir until powder has dissolved
  4. Remove from heat
  5. Add 1 cup chosen alcohol
  6. Pour into small plastic glasses
  7. Chill in refrigerator
  8. Slurp down

Some of my favorite flavor combos include whiskey and orange, Malibu and lemon, or rum and watermelon. Of course, you can put vodka in any of them and they’ll taste dangerously normal. If you’re friends with Bill Cosby, you could probably fool him into getting trashed.

There you have it–a light meal that will get you drunk.