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Live music, beer and tubing this week at Panther Island Pavilion

4 Aug

Fort-Worth-Rockin-the-RiverIf you like live music, beer, tubing, beer, social media or beer, then there’s nowhere on earth better to spend your Thursday evening than Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth for Rockin’ the River. This week, enjoy Sam Riggs followed by Aaron Einhouse with beverages and food for sale on site. Continue reading


Why every gentleman should watch ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

3 Aug


The luggage under my eyes is particularly heavy this Monday because I slept about 2.5 hours last night. I wasn’t partying; and I wasn’t doing anything the title of this article may call to mind. In fact, I was all alone in my bed, staring at the ceiling and trying my best to catalog the thoughts racing through my mind. You see, I’m a big movie fan. So much a fan that I can’t visit Target without making a stop at the DVD section. Still, it’s not very often that a movie makes me lie awake at night. This was, without a doubt, my worst recorded case of the Sunday Scaries; and alcohol was not even to blame. Continue reading

Silver Lightning Moonshine Won the Double Gold, Makes Me Double Thirsty

19 Nov

Haters like to put awards on blast. “Whateverthehell whiskey is so much better than that.” “It’s not even organic.” Shut the hell up. I want this whiskey in my mouth twice as bad now that it’s so decorated.

Press Release

Stephen Gertman, President & Master Distiller at Ascendant Spirits, Inc., announced his distillery won another major award this week.

“We’re delighted our Silver Lightning Moonshine has medaled at one of the most respected spirits competitions in the world – the 2013 New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC).”

Competing against whiskies from all over the world, Silver Lightning Moonshine was selected as one of only seven whiskies to be awarded the highest honor, a Double Gold Medal. Only two other American distilleries won similar awards, one for bourbon and another for a malt whiskey.

“It is a great honor to receive a double gold medal from the NYISC for our Silver Lightning Moonshine. To be the only white whiskey to receive such high marks makes me and my entire team extremely proud of what we have created. This whiskey is made by hand in very small batches with exacting attention to every detail.” Continue reading

Bar Guys I Hate: The Blind Bartender

18 Nov

Here’s the thing. I appreciate your work. You bust your ass taking caps off Ultras every minute or so. It’s truly God’s work you’re doing.

But let me make one thing clear. Those boobs your eyes are stuck to all night aren’t paying your bills. Continue reading

Bourbon liqueur is a thing now

15 Nov

I guess if you like bourbon, but don’t actually want to drink bourbon (?), you could do this instead.

Press Release

mysticDurham continues to grow as a major US food destination, so two entrepreneurs chose it to launch Mystic Bourbon Liqueur, a new specialty beverage company there.

Mystic began as a way for company founders Jonathan Blitz and Michael Sinclair to pursue their passion for fine spirits. “We both love bourbon,” said Blitz. Sinclair, a former professional brewer, had discovered a unique and easy-to-drink Scotch liqueur when he was tracing his family’s roots on the coast of Scotland. Continue reading

What if other brands I love made booze?

14 Nov

After reading about the release of Patagonia beer, which is really just everything I love in a can, I had to stop and wonder, “What if other brands I love made booze?”

Vineyard Vines
Wine, obviously. It tastes like Easter, but is perfectly suitable for drinking year-round. The label would presumably have a micro-pattern of grapes or wine glasses or some completely arbitrary object. But it would be adorable, and let’s face it, everyone buys new wine based on the label anyways.

The North Face
Vodka. Graphic, black and white label probably with a mountain or something on it. It’ll taste exactly like every other vodka you’ve ever had, but will cost more, and you’ll roll your eyes when someone calls you out for buying it. When you order this at a bar, the hipster next to you will almost always turn and ask, “Have you ever even been to Russia?” To which you will not reply because get out of here, hipster! Continue reading

Guide to Morning Drinking

14 Nov

Some mornings, you just need a drink. No judgment here. Your reasons are your reasons. Could be the first step to hangover recovery, the beginning of a day rage or just a little something to take the edge off a stressful morning. Continue reading