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Beer + BBQ + Pool = Your Plans This Weekend.

10 Sep

First off, if you’re in the Dallas area and haven’t been to The Fraternal Order of Eagles 3108 (FOE for us common folk), you’re just doing life wrong. It’s the best pool in Dallas with the chillest atmosphere and the cheapest drinks. I know you’re in love already, but I’ll keep going…


This Saturday, FOE is hosting its 4th annual Barbecue Cookoff, where more than 15 amateur pit masters are just waiting to fill your belly with the best grub known to man, and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. will be featuring beer specials on tons of dank-ass beers. Admission is only $10, and there’s absolutely no reason why your body shouldn’t be there, drunk off craft beer and full of brisket.

So, run to East Dallas, stuff your face and dunk that bod in a cold pool. America.



American Tip #3: Shoot a Nazi

4 Jul

This is perhaps the most American shot on anyone’s menu. And if there’s a milliliter of American in you, this will turn it into a gallon. Why? Because we use the Imperial system because it’s better.

Dead Nazi

  • 2/3 oz. Rumple Minze
  • 2/3 oz. Jagermeister

You won’t even get arrested for shooting anyone. But you might get arrested for lots of other things.

It’s like Network Television with Alcohol

1 Jun

For those of you interested in how to turn your alcohol bush into smooth, American, liquid alcohol, here are some fun videos from The Hooch Life that show parts of this great nation’s distilleries. It’s like watching a truTV show. Except the people aren’t as trashy.

God Bless the USA.

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