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Sam Adams Has A New IPA…And It’s Pretty Good.

12 Feb

While out at a bar recently, I came across a new beer I had never seen before: Rebel IPA. It looked interesting and I love IPAs, so I tried it out thinking that it was something new and local.

It was delicious – smooth, full of flavor and still not super filling – all the good characteristics of an IPA. I was stoked about it. So much so that I got a total beer boner for it and started to look it up on my Untappd app. (PS if you don’t have this app, you’re doing life – and beer drinking – very wrong.)

Rebe IPA Logo_largeIt turns out that this new IPA is actually made by Samuel Adams. I know – IPAs are supposed to be reserved for pretentious little hipster breweries, and made only by wafe-thin dudes with skinny jeans, long beards and tattoos. This Rebel IPA is not only made by a giant booze powerhouse, but it was fucking great and I’m really looking forward to having it again. Seriously, go try it – you will not be disappointed.

Long story short, nice job Sam Adams – you successfully gave this IPA-loving ginger a total beer boner (beerner?).


What if other brands I love made booze?

14 Nov

After reading about the release of Patagonia beer, which is really just everything I love in a can, I had to stop and wonder, “What if other brands I love made booze?”

Vineyard Vines
Wine, obviously. It tastes like Easter, but is perfectly suitable for drinking year-round. The label would presumably have a micro-pattern of grapes or wine glasses or some completely arbitrary object. But it would be adorable, and let’s face it, everyone buys new wine based on the label anyways.

The North Face
Vodka. Graphic, black and white label probably with a mountain or something on it. It’ll taste exactly like every other vodka you’ve ever had, but will cost more, and you’ll roll your eyes when someone calls you out for buying it. When you order this at a bar, the hipster next to you will almost always turn and ask, “Have you ever even been to Russia?” To which you will not reply because get out of here, hipster! Continue reading