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Wine Lovers Gather in Las Colinas

10 Aug

This weekend, professional winos from across the country will be coming to the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Las Colinas to talk booze and learn about wine pairing and tasting at the Texas Sommelier (TEXSOM) Conference. I’ll spare you the full press release because it uses words like “preeminent” and  the name “Geoff,” and I’ll just summarize the deets.

If you don’t know what a sommelier is, because you really don’t need to, it’s basically the person from a restaurant or bar who is in charge of wines (per, Dictionary.com). This conference will basically be an enormous tasting for them to try out wines and learn more about different regions and how to pair them with food and stuff. Despite an extremely limited number of spots, the folks at TEXSOM and The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas gladly let me in for Sunday. Continue reading