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Party in a box? You go first…

26 Jun

For those of you stocking up on booze for the Mayan apocalypse, I’ve got some fantastic news. You can now buy hard liquor by the box. Not boxes of bottles, like a normal person would purchase, but boxes of liquid. You know…like wine.

Shaken, Stirred, and Straight LLC, a Saint Augustine, Florida, company, has introduced the first line of “high quality” boxed spirits called CheapShot. The first products of the CheapShot line are an ultra premium, ultra smooth vodka, and an amazing new caramel flavored vodka. Both are already award winning and come “highly recommended” by the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago, IL.

Charles Liniger, brand owner of the CheapShot line says, “It’s about time that a top shelf, high quality vodka is distilled and packaged in such a way that it is available to the larger market that enjoys quality spirits, but doesn’t want to pay for an overpriced, pretty bottle!” Continue reading


Pirate Juice – Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

20 Jun

I was recently invited to ‘step into the black’ with Captain Morgan Black spiced rum – the newest member of the Morgan family – and judging by the 94.6 proof, it’s pretty clear that this new rum is the crazy cousin that likes to party balls. This new rum is dark, spiced and very flavorful – and it isn’t just for rum drinkers.

At the tasting, we were schooled in the art of the cocktail by world-renowned mixologist Toby Maloney. He mixed up all different kinds of cocktails traditionally made with whiskey – and they all tasted like magic in my mouth. The dark, full flavor and spiciness of the new Captain Morgan Black brought these old drinks to a whole new level – and pretty much blew my mind. My favorite drink was the Black and Honey, which is strong enough to get you to swashbuckler status and tasty enough to make you want to chug it savor the deliciousness

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Get Drunk Not Fat

6 Jun

I’m vain. So shoot me.

Like I’ve said before, summer is no time to let yourself go, so I’m here to set you up with the tools you need to keep that bikini body banging all summer long.

This time, it’s a site called Get Drunk Not Fat, and it gives you all the info you need to keep track of calories in your booze.

You’re welcome. Also, you should thank my roommate because he found this.

Cinco de Drinko

5 Apr

One of our favorite holidays is officially only one month away. Commonly referred to by boring people as Cinco de Mayo, the Three Sheets team joyfully celebrates this most wonderful of days as all red-blooded, tequila-loving Americans should: by eating as many nachos as we can possibly handle and drinking our body weight in straight tequila margaritas.

Since Cinco de Drinko provides drunks everywhere with a glorious day of tequila drinking and nacho eating, we were stoked when we stumbled upon the 30 Days of Cinco Countdown Calendar from On the Border. This countdown gives visitors a free coupon every day from now until Cinco de Mayo, including free sopapillas, queso and tons of other delicioso Mexican goodies.

So, in the holy name of tequila, go to www.iloveontheborder.com and get some free stuff to celebrate the countdown to Cinco de Drinko. As in NOW – go before the Three Sheets team eats and drinks On the Border out of business.

How to Not Get Fat This Winter (From Drinking)

9 Feb

Well, it’s February, and it’s finally starting to get chilly in DFW. And although you may not be slingshotting your bikini on anytime soon, now’s the time to make sure it doesn’t make you bleed when the time comes.

These are some tips to reduce the pudge caused by drinking. Now, I can’t be held liable if you continue eating a pizza every day and an HBCB every night, but these will at least offset a little bit of the complacency that results from long sleeves and sweats.

Nix the Brews

Believe me. I fully appreciate the difference between classic Budweiser and Bud Light. Night and day. But you know what? I suck it up. Beer is calorie and carbohydrate-heavy. If you do most of your drinking shortly before bed/pass out-time, thats lots of carbs you won’t be burning off. Do yourself a favor and stick to low-cal beers or make the switch to liquor. It’ll get the job done at the same rate or quicker, and if done right, will save you calories and carbs.

Calories per ounce:
100 proof liquor – 82 cal
90 proof liquor – 73 cal
80 proof liquor – 64 cal
<80 proof liquor – why bother?
*An average shot is 1.5 oz.

Watch the Mixers

Not everything has to be mixed with Coke. In fact, believe it or not, there are tons of mixers out there that also taste awesome with booze. Many of them, even with added calories from whichever alcohol you choose, have fewer calories than light beer. Plus, the less sugar you get from mixers, the smaller the chance that you’ll be dying the next morning.

Cocktail Calories:
Piña Colada (6 oz.) – 378 cal
Mojito (8 oz.) – 214 cal
Cosmo (4 oz.) – 200 cal
Margarita (8 oz.) – 280 cal
Appletini (3 oz.) – 148 cal
Martini (2.5 oz.) – 160 cal
Bloody Mary (5 oz.) – 118 cal
Red Wine (5 oz.) – 120 cal
White Wine (5 oz.) – 120 cal
Champagne (5 oz.) – 106-120 cal
Wine Spritzer (5 oz.) – 100 cal
Vodka Tonic (8 oz.) – 200 cal
Screwdriver (8 oz.) – 190 cal
Mimosa (4 oz.) – 75 cal
Gin and Tonic (7 oz. ) – 200 cal
Long Island Iced Tea (8 oz.) – 780 cal
Rum and Coke (8 oz.) – 185 cal
*Keep in mind that these serving sizes are not typical


Speaking of dying the next morning, nothing cures a hangover better than grease, cheese and a good old Coca-Cola. Unfortunately, saving calories the night before can easily be undone with an anti-hangover meal. What’s the point? Try preventing the hangover in the first place. Electrolyte-heavy mixers such as iX Mixer can help with this, or drinks mixed with soda keep you better hydrated than those mixed with sugar.

Again, I don’t want to hear any complaining if you blow up like Oprah this winter. It’s not my fault. Keep an eye on the old blog here for low-cal recipes this winter.

Sources: Livestrong, WebMD

Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you can drive drunk. Call a cab.

I’m ‘Usually’ More Picky

3 Feb

A few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to stop by Fort Worth’s much-acclaimed The Usual. If you’ve never been, it’s located on the Magnolia Avenue strip and prides itself on its speakeasy-style cocktails and neighborhood friendliness.

Here’s the thing. Ever since this prohibition trend has swept its way across DFW, my whiskey style has gone from neat to shaken. That’s right, everyone. As of late, I prefer cocktails.

Now don’t you go spreading rumors about me. I’m not sitting around milking cosmos. In light of the ’20s making a comeback, I’ve become a total Whiskey Smash junkie. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide – Booze

23 Nov

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