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Vermont Ice Ice Baby

6 Nov

I was recently introduced to the nectar of the winter booze gods – and its name is Vermont Ice.

Boyden Valley Winery sounds like a place that would make a nice Pinot Noir or something else that would make you gag from pretention overload, but turn that frown upside down friends because this is the maker of a creamy, delicious spirit you’ll be chugging all winter long. Vermont Ice Maple Crème is a maple cream liqueur that’s 15% alcohol by volume and 100% tasty. This sweet sweet booze is made from Vermont maple syrup and apple brandy – and it tastes like Bailey’s on crack. You can definitely taste the maple flavor, so be prepared to feel like you’re cheating on your breakfast, but in the most perfect way.

Vermont Ice Maple Creme Cocktail

This maple cream is awesome for cold weather, and if I had more self-control, I would have tried it in coffee, on ice or in some sort of genius cocktail instead of just chugging the whole bottle immediately after opening it. I’m looking forward to buying another bottle and maybe sharing it with someone besides my dog this time – and I’m really stoked to get holiday drunk with this stuff in about a month.

Trust me, this stuff is on point. And you will want this deliciousness to keep you nice and drunk this holiday season with your terrible wonderful family.


Happy Father’s Day. Make him resent you a little less this year.

4 Jun

Father’s Day is June 17 this year. Personally, I don’t celebrate the holiday, but I know tons of fathers who deserve a major pat on the back and should be handsomely rewarded…like Megan Fox’s dad. Thank you so much, Megan Fox’s dad.

If you’re struggling to express your gratitude to dear old dad, try one of these gifts to let him know you care without ever having to expose your vulnerable, sensitive emotional underbelly.

Beer of the Month Subscription

Your father will love you more if you get him drunk. It’s a psychological fact.

Traveling Bar Set

Is he in that stage when he’s seeing the world in an RV? Let him take his booze with him all over the country with a fancy-looking travel bar.

YETI Cooler

These things are so awesome. Your ice will never melt. Ever. They’re perfect for hunters, tailgaters or patio drinkers. He may not favor your questionable lifestyle any better, but you’ll see the gratitude in his eyes.

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