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American Tip #2: Look Like an American

4 Jul

I’m not talking about a wife beater and cutoff jeans. I’m talking about the clothes that make people look at you and say, “That man loves the U.S.A.”

Do it like this:

American frocket tee from RowdyGentleman.com. I have a matching koozie and when I drink out of it, a third of my blood turns white, and another third turns blue. Continue reading


American Tip #1: Save On Brew

2 Jul

There are few things more American the cheap beer. You don’t see Germany downing Natty Lights like a winner.

So for your 4th of July day drinking needs, check out SaveOnBrew.com, America’s only nation-wide beer price search engine. Just type in your Zip Code and you’ll get all the daily deals, limited-time offers, etc., on beer in your area to find the best deal.

And if you’re grilling out this year (you should be), they’ve even offered these tips on pairing beers with different kinds of American food, because that’s what Americans eat. Just ignore the foreign stuff. Continue reading

Cinco de Drinko

5 Apr

One of our favorite holidays is officially only one month away. Commonly referred to by boring people as Cinco de Mayo, the Three Sheets team joyfully celebrates this most wonderful of days as all red-blooded, tequila-loving Americans should: by eating as many nachos as we can possibly handle and drinking our body weight in straight tequila margaritas.

Since Cinco de Drinko provides drunks everywhere with a glorious day of tequila drinking and nacho eating, we were stoked when we stumbled upon the 30 Days of Cinco Countdown Calendar from On the Border. This countdown gives visitors a free coupon every day from now until Cinco de Mayo, including free sopapillas, queso and tons of other delicioso Mexican goodies.

So, in the holy name of tequila, go to www.iloveontheborder.com and get some free stuff to celebrate the countdown to Cinco de Drinko. As in NOW – go before the Three Sheets team eats and drinks On the Border out of business.

Don’t forget!

16 Mar

Let’s Just Go Ahead and Make This ’46’ Day

5 Feb

Unless you’re a Yankee who lost his way, chances are you’re probably just as uninterested in this year’s Super Bowl as the rest of DFW. Even the commercials copped out early, with most of them making their ways around the Web well before their traditional debuts.

For the sake of keeping this day sacred, I encourage you to get real drunk and eat lots of finger foods. That’s really what Super Bowl Sunday is all about, right? It’s that one Sunday out of the entire year when you’re expected to be hung over and bloated the next morning. The difference is that this year, you don’t have an excuse for red, puffy eyes. This is Texas, and neither the Cowboys nor the Texans made the cut, so save your tears for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading