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Beer + BBQ + Pool = Your Plans This Weekend.

10 Sep

First off, if you’re in the Dallas area and haven’t been to The Fraternal Order of Eagles 3108 (FOE for us common folk), you’re just doing life wrong. It’s the best pool in Dallas with the chillest atmosphere and the cheapest drinks. I know you’re in love already, but I’ll keep going…


This Saturday, FOE is hosting its 4th annual Barbecue Cookoff, where more than 15 amateur pit masters are just waiting to fill your belly with the best grub known to man, and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. will be featuring beer specials on tons of dank-ass beers. Admission is only $10, and there’s absolutely no reason why your body shouldn’t be there, drunk off craft beer and full of brisket.

So, run to East Dallas, stuff your face and dunk that bod in a cold pool. America.



Strangeways Dallas – Your New Favorite Bar

6 Oct

In my constant search for the perfect dive bar, I (drunkenly) stumble into some pretty strange and maybe dangerous places. I recently ran across a little hole-in-the-wall place in East Dallas that is a dive bar lover’s dream. Strangeways looks like a dark, seedy cave where you may possibly get shanked – but it is completely worth the risk. With tons of rare craft brews on tap and bottled, along with a huge assortment of interesting liquors, Strangeways is an awesome place to kick back and try some great new beers.

The little bar on Fitzhugh is owned by two siblings, Eric and Erica Sanchez, and is pretty small and low-key with an awesomely casual atmosphere and laid-back vibe. This is the dive bar you’ve been searching for – where you can try all kinds of new beers and cocktails and chow down on some delicious food without a bunch of douche cakes spilling beer down your back and body slamming you into the bar. Go to Strangeways, sit on the patio and order a beer you’ve ever heard of – no Smirnoff Ice for you here. It will be interesting and tasty and you’ll be hooked.

Dallas Date Night: The Cedars Social

26 Jun

At first glance, The Cedars Social doesn’t look like much. There’s no sign out front, the building is a little sketch and it looks pretty small and uninviting. Then, as you walk into the possibly dangerous, unmarked south Dallas building against your better judgment, your mind is blown. This place is swank at its finest, and has a really cool retro vibe.

The Cedars Social is a cocktail den and restaurant with modern-day comfort food prepared by well-known NYC chef Kyle McClelland, as well as delicious old-school cocktails mixed by renowned mixologist Michael Martensen. Continue reading

Trailer Park Pimpin’ – Double Wide Dallas

24 Feb

So, by now you should know that not only am I a classy bitch, but I am also looking to RAGE. When looking for a place to get cray in Deep Ellum, Double Wide is always the go-to. Clearly you can tell by the name of this fine establishment that it is trailer park-themed – and FABULOUS.

Double Wide is known for drinks made of Yoo-Hoo, Boone’s Farm and Tang, so it’s pretty much the classiest place to drink in Dallas. If the high-class cocktails aren’t enough, Double Wide has live music and a weekly, Thursday-night karaoke-fest, making it the perfect dive joint to get crunk in. It’s also a decked out hipster haven complete with clashing curtains, mismatched granny furniture and toilet flower planters. Continue reading

I’m ‘Usually’ More Picky

3 Feb

A few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to stop by Fort Worth’s much-acclaimed The Usual. If you’ve never been, it’s located on the Magnolia Avenue strip and prides itself on its speakeasy-style cocktails and neighborhood friendliness.

Here’s the thing. Ever since this prohibition trend has swept its way across DFW, my whiskey style has gone from neat to shaken. That’s right, everyone. As of late, I prefer cocktails.

Now don’t you go spreading rumors about me. I’m not sitting around milking cosmos. In light of the ’20s making a comeback, I’ve become a total Whiskey Smash junkie. Continue reading

Bar 828 – The Hottest Spot in Right Now

13 Oct

I am not a hipster. I’m quite the opposite, in fact. I toe the line somewhere between prep and douche bag, and I’m comfortable there. Sure, it’s off-putting to those eyes behind dark-framed glasses, but I rarely let it stop me from walking into those places where they serve PBR and cheap gin.

Tonight, I am so glad, because I gave up my North Dallas parking spot to head down to Oak Cliff for the grand opening of Bar 828, Dallas’ first pop-up guerrilla bar. Basically, some local bigwigs at the bigwig restaurants gathered the best bartenders in the area, and opened a temporary bar in an old garage.

Sounds urban, no? You’re probably right.

Regardless, I don’t think I’ve ever tasted drinks so delicious in my life. These mixologists know exactly what’s up. They’re the kind who smell a drink before they give it to you. They sometimes measure and sometimes use splashes, sometimes shake and sometimes stir, but always use huge-ass ice cubes to keep things from getting watered down. The two mixologists I encountered pretty much looked at me and knew exactly what I wanted. They are my new idols. Seriously. This is man-crush status. Continue reading

Alcohol and Arcade – Barcadia Comes to Fort Worth

22 Jul

That’s right, folks! One of the hottest spots in Dallas and Houston is headed to Fort Worth’s newish So7 development.

Barcadia is a staple for Dallas’ hip, prep and geek. Apart from its roster of 24 beers on tap every day, this place has games. Not like darts. That’s for amateurs. Barcadia’s got the best of vintage arcade games, hence the kitchy name.

Personally, I’ve got spotty memories of my first visit, as some coworkers took me to the Dallas location on my 23rd birthday and started buying me shots. I maybe bit someone. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Regardless, even Drayton remembers schooling everyone at Huge Connect Four and Huge Jenga. Not to mention Mortal Kombat, Frogger, Mrs. Pac Man and, my personal, all-time favorite, Skee Ball. Now, when I was growing up, I never liked video games. I thought they were mindless crap for people who add nothing to society. It turns out, however, that Drayton is much more prone to own you in the digital realm.

Long story short—go to Barcadia. The So7 location is slated to open this month, but we all know how that goes. You’ll love it. I’ll let these pictures I stole from their website speak to you. Continue reading