Celebrate with food and drinks that are fancier than the people you’re probably feeding them to

6 Nov

“Molecular gastronomy” is apparently a thing now. So if you’re into things that are way too fancy for me to actually put in my mouth, check out these kits for your holiday party planning.

Press Release

moleculrWith molecular gastronomy on the rise, as evidenced by hit television shows Top Chef and Top Chef Masters, at home entertainers are sure to be looking for ways to incorporate a contemporary twist to their favorite classic cocktail with these DIY molecular mixology kits. Lucky for them, MOLECULE-R has just launched three new Cocktail R-EVOLUTION kits which make creating and enjoying molecular masterpieces super simple for even the most challenged DIY-er. These revolutionary kits are available in popular cocktail versions including Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Margarita (MSRP $29.99) and have been introduced just in time for holiday entertaining and gifting.

The latest generation cocktail kits from MOLECULE-R allow at home mixologists to easily enjoy the preserved sophisticated techniques of top bars enabling them to create a foam to add a modern touch to their cocktail, encapsulate their cocktail into a sphere that will burst in your mouth or create caviars suspending in your drink. These innovative additions are sure to amaze your guests !

Using the components of the Mojito R-EVOLUTION kit, DIY-ers can now freshen up their holiday parties with the ultimate mojito experience by deconstructing their beverage to create floating mint caviar, a spectacular foam or encapsulating their beverage into a bubble that will pop in your mouth!

The Cosmopolitan R-EVOLUTION kit allows amateur mixologists to serve an edible cosmopolitan sphere on a spoon to awe guests with a surprising burst of flavor, top their cocktail with a light fluffy cranberry foam, or suspend citrus caviar in the body of their beverage.

The Margarita R-EVOLUTION kit enables margarita aficionados to create an avant-garde margarita slush topped with a fresh lemon mousse or add a splash of color by creating blue azure suspended pearls.

Each of the new Cocktail R-EVOLUTION kits come complete with the necessary molecular tools – 1 silicone mold, 1 slotted spoon and 2 pipettes – to create the ultimate cocktail. Also included in each kit are 10 sachets of additives of sodium alginate, calcium lactate and soy lecithin that each serve 6-10 people. MSRP $29.99.


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