Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada and Spiegelau Make Fancy Cup

23 Oct

People who drink IPAs generally sneer at people who drink out of regular cups anyway. So, why the hell not?

Press Release

World-class beers deserve to be served in something better than a pedestrian pint glass. That’s the idea that led to a collaboration between two of America’s most decorated craft breweries and German glassware experts Spiegelau, and, ultimately, to the creation of the Spiegelau IPA Beer Glass.

Beers brewed in the India Pale Ale style (or IPAs) are some of the most potent and revered craft brews in production today. They are beloved by beer enthusiasts for their aggressively hoppy nature that typically results in above-average strength, a floral aroma, and bitter taste. Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada have made their respective names largely by mastering the IPA style and repeatedly producing stellar examples of the bitter brew.

Recently, the two brewers decided to team up with Spiegelau, the centuries-old German glass artisans, to produce a glass that helps balance the hop-forward flavors of an IPA and improve the drinking experience for everyone.

Tom McManus, CEO of KegWorks and an avowed IPA enthusiast, says, “Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada know IPAs better than any other brewer in the game. And obviously Spiegelau knows a thing or two about glassware. Put them all together and what do you get? A glass that changes the game for anyone who claims to be passionate about drinking beer.”

He goes on to note, ”I don’t have a vendetta against pint glasses. They’ve done the job for a long time, and I’ll always have a cabinet full of that kind of everyday glassware. But I’m a man who believes in using the right tool for the right job. And if my job is drinking an IPA, then this glass is indisputably the right tool.”

The Spiegelau IPA Beer Glass is available at and other outlets, including the Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada websites.


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