Keep that moscato fresher, longer

18 Oct

We’ve all faced the problem. Keeping the bottle (box) of wine you bought for Saturday’s layover fresh enough to serve to your Thursday night layover. Problem solved, guys. And it’s dishwasher safe so she won’t hurt herself.

Press Release:

Introducing Savino to Texas:

American-Made Wine Preservation Glassware

Solution to every wine drinker’s most common problem now available in local stores

DALLAS – Savoring your favorite bottle of Texas-grown Cabernet Sauvignon just got easier.

Texans can start enjoying Tuesday’s wine on Saturday using American-made Savino. Celebrating harvest season in Texas wine country, this easy-to-use preservation system that keeps your wine fresh for up to a week is now available in local stores.    Founded by an amateur wine enthusiast frustrated with available products to preserve an open bottle of wine, Savino was launched in the United States in April and is now sold in 18 states.

“Savino presents an affordable and simple solution to a problem familiar to wine drinkers everywhere – how do you save wine?” said Savino Founder Scott Tavenner. “Fifteen years ago, I opened my refrigerator to find a glass of wine sitting on the top shelf. Asking my wife about the glass, she said she just wanted to save the wine for later. This simple statement sparked a journey which led me to develop Savino as an innovative solution to this common problem.”

Savino is distributed by F.J. Whalen & Company and is now on shelves across the Lone Star State for the harvest and the fast-approaching Christmas seasons for $49.95.

“Savino makes the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life,” added Tavenner. “With Savino, give that special person the enjoyment of great tasting wine every day no matter the occasion.”

As seen in publications such as The Chicago Tribune and Wine & Spirits Magazine, Savino does not try to control the environment of an opened bottle of wine like other wine preservation solutions on the market. Instead Savino creates a new, elegant environment designed to preserve and serve wine.

Proudly designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A., Savino is extremely durable and functional in everyday life. Fitting in most refrigerators for storing, Savino has a 750ml capacity and is dishwasher safe. Savino is manufactured with the highest-quality materials to provide every wine lover the ability to enjoy great tasting wine, every day, for years to come.


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