“Cream” makes liquers even grosser

17 Oct

Maybe the reason these spirits’ popularity has been suppressed for so long is because the word “cream” is disgusting. Jizz cocktail, anyone?


Whiskey, rum and vodka are among the many that have had their day in the sun as the latest and greatest in spirits, but why not tempt your taste buds with this year’s hottest trend – cream liqueurs. Boyden Valley Winery and Spirits is proud to be the first craft distilled company in the United States to specialize in cream liqueurs and has recently introduced its latest line – Vermont Ice Maple Crème Liqueur.

Boyden Valley makes their multi award winning cream liqueurs with only the most exceptional ingredients, including Vermont estate maple syrup and Vermont grown, premium handpicked apples. Carefully craft distilled in small batches, Boyden creams deliver an exquisite drinking experience that reflects the care, time and provenance of the ingredients that go into each bottle. On the rocks, with coffee, or in creative cocktails, Boyden creams set the standard in the category, bar none.

Vermont Ice Apple Crème Liqueur: This delicious and smooth cream liqueur combines Boyden Valley Winery’s original Ice Cider with craft-distilled apple brandy produced from Vermont grown apples.

Vermont Ice Maple Crème Liqueur: This premium cream liqueur is enhanced by blending Vermont estate maple syrup and craft-distilled apple brandy, produced from Vermont grown apples, for a rich maple flavor.



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