Apparently, I have the stomach of a little bitch

14 Jan

I have a friend who’s from Hungary. Well…I’m pretty sure he was born in New Jersey, but his family is Hungarian and he’s way into Hungarian stuff. For Christmas he gave me a bottle I couldn’t read, except that I knew it was alcohol because he told me.

I tried it and almost gagged.


Apparently, Unicum, made by the Zwack family in Hungary, is the national shot of Hungary and basically everyone there who has the Internet thinks Americans are pussies because they don’t like it. That’s because it tastes like whatever kind of oppression that nation has experienced.

It’s a blend of more than 40 herbs, blended after whatever torture they go through first. It’s supposed to be served ice cold, but I didn’t know that until right now, so I had a shot at room temperature and then decided to keep it as a joke for guests. Word is it’s kind of like the foreign Jäger used for making your stomach stronger.

If you stumble into some foreign store and buy it on impulse, please have the decency to keep it in your freezer first, or drop it into a Red Bull on ice, and then don’t blog about it like an American pussy.


Opinions Welcome:

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