23 Mar

Great news, drunks!

You know that panicked feeling when you wake up the morning after a bar-hopping night and you scramble for your wallet or purse to make sure you closed your tab? Well, stop freaking out, because there’s a new application in the mobileverse that will keep your blood pressure down.

Tabbedout is compatible with Apple and Android devices, and is a mobile payment that keeps your card out of the bartender’s sticky hands. Basically, you program your payment info into the app (don’t worry, it’s encrypted) and you give a payment code to the bartender instead of your card.

It also lets you open, view or pay your tab at any time, so you don’t go too crazy and have to take out loans to fuel your fun. Now, the only issue is keeping up with your phone. Maybe it’s not that hard, but I can say I’ve visited many a urinal with lost phones in there. And I’m not gonna just hold it until someone fishes it out…

Connect with Tabbedout on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

*******UPDATE 4/26*******

Tabbedout is currently available at 50 DFW locations! No joke! And you didn’t think it would catch on…

Don’t be an asshole. You can forget to close your tab, but don’t forget to ask for a safe ride.


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