Trailer Park Pimpin’ – Double Wide Dallas

24 Feb

So, by now you should know that not only am I a classy bitch, but I am also looking to RAGE. When looking for a place to get cray in Deep Ellum, Double Wide is always the go-to. Clearly you can tell by the name of this fine establishment that it is trailer park-themed – and FABULOUS.

Double Wide is known for drinks made of Yoo-Hoo, Boone’s Farm and Tang, so it’s pretty much the classiest place to drink in Dallas. If the high-class cocktails aren’t enough, Double Wide has live music and a weekly, Thursday-night karaoke-fest, making it the perfect dive joint to get crunk in. It’s also a decked out hipster haven complete with clashing curtains, mismatched granny furniture and toilet flower planters.

Double Wide is hands-down my favorite place to drank in Deep Ellum. The drinks are white-trash and delicious, the décor brings me back to my roots and the crowd is perfectly amazing. The PBR is flowing and the atmosphere is perfect. If I could live at Double Wide, best believe I would.

Moral of this story: go to Double Wide and get a shit load of Tang.


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