Get Excidered!

8 Feb

All you cider-drinking people out there (read, “lightweights”) will be pleased to hear that MillerCoors’ Tenth and Blake has acquired Crispin Hard Cider, unless you’re one of those people who is all like, “I liked it before it was popular.” In that case, you should just go away.

While there is no plan to make changes to the recipe, MillerCoors has lots of resources that will likely make the delicious beverage pop up in more storefronts than are currently stocking it. That means more alcohol for all. Hooray.

In addition, Anheuser-Busch has plans to launch Michelob Ultra Light Cider, which really makes us wonder if they’re going to try and market that to men. Currently, there aren’t many ciders pointed toward men, but that’s most likely because there are too few men who actually prefer cider to constitute a market.

Sources: MC Press Release, Advertising Age


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