How’s that head feeling this morning?

6 Feb

If you celebrated yesterday’s mediocre sports craze like we did, you’re probably feeling pretty gross right now.

In fact, according to our friends at iX Mixer, today has been proclaimed National Hangover Day. And if you’ve been paying attention, we’re kind of into proclaiming holidays.

My favorite part about this holiday is that if you knew about it yesterday, or even last week, you wouldn’t be feeling like crap right now. Why? Because iX Mixer’s products would’ve kept you from having a hangover today.

It’s got electrolytes. I’ve hated saying that ever since I saw “Idiocracy,” but you movie nerds can suck it. These things will actually keep you from getting so dehydrated that your head explodes. That’s what happens when you’re dehydrated, right?

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled because we’ve procured a couple of cans of this wonder juice and will be letting you know what we think really soon.

Just because you won’t have a hangover doesn’t mean you should drive home drunk. Don’t be a moron.


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