Let’s Just Go Ahead and Make This ’46’ Day

5 Feb

Unless you’re a Yankee who lost his way, chances are you’re probably just as uninterested in this year’s Super Bowl as the rest of DFW. Even the commercials copped out early, with most of them making their ways around the Web well before their traditional debuts.

For the sake of keeping this day sacred, I encourage you to get real drunk and eat lots of finger foods. That’s really what Super Bowl Sunday is all about, right? It’s that one Sunday out of the entire year when you’re expected to be hung over and bloated the next morning. The difference is that this year, you don’t have an excuse for red, puffy eyes. This is Texas, and neither the Cowboys nor the Texans made the cut, so save your tears for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re inept at Roman numerals, XLVI is 46 in normal people numbers. Does that number ring any bells? It should, because one of this blog’s major muses, Maker’s Mark, has a wonderful edition, Maker’s 46, which I’m officially declaring the drink of Super Bowl XLVI.

Why? Because I have a blog and you don’t. That basically means I can do whatever I want unless SOPA/PIPA’s bastard child comes and shuts me down.

Plus, since the teams are boring and the commercials already ruined the surprise, let’s take advantage of anything festive to make today less sucky and less sober.

So there you go. From henceforth on, Feb. 5, 2012 shall be remembered as 46 Day.

Tell your grandbabies.

Go booze!

Hope you brought a ho bag, ’cause there’s no way you’re driving home drunk after your XLVI party.


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