The Kraken Spiced Black Rum

24 Jul

I was at an apartment-warming party a few weeks ago for a couple of my college friends who just moved to Dallas. One of my favorite friends (don’t act like you don’t have them) brought a few bottles because he’s awesome, and so when I got there, he offered me a drink (really, this was because some of the people there were boring as hell…also, whoever offers me a drink is my favorite friend at the party). Now, you know the bottle scene at one of these parties. It normally looks like this:

Impressive, I know.

Well, I’m just gonna say it. Sometimes, I judge liquor by their bottles. I used to work in print production (including packaging) and I know which companies can vie for better labels and glassware. I pretty much judge a bottle by its cover. In this case, I thank myself for doing so.

Among the smattering of cheap, never-heard-of bottles, I saw a beautiful glass bottle with a matte-finish, black-and-cream label and two loops on the sides like the olden days, as if to say, “drink me straight out of the bottle.” I said, “I want that.” So he poured me a drink of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum. Delicious.

Normally, “spiced” rum just means “brown” rum. Most of the people I know don’t really care because they’re drowning their rum in Coke, but when it comes to spiced rum, you should probably take a sip of the stuff before you ruin it, just in case it’s actually good. In this case, I would just go ahead and drink it without the mixer.

Now that we’ve established that I like it, I must ask this question: Why on earth would you use mixers on liquors that taste good on their own? You’re not enhancing the flavor. My palette may not be the most refined, but Coke and spices do not taste as good as spices on their own. Shame on you.

Okay, I’m good. Whatever. Just do yourself a favor and go buy a regular-sized jug of Kraken rum and don’t screw it up with cheap soda. If anything, mix with a splash of ginger ale or soda.


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