Alcohol and Arcade – Barcadia Comes to Fort Worth

22 Jul

That’s right, folks! One of the hottest spots in Dallas and Houston is headed to Fort Worth’s newish So7 development.

Barcadia is a staple for Dallas’ hip, prep and geek. Apart from its roster of 24 beers on tap every day, this place has games. Not like darts. That’s for amateurs. Barcadia’s got the best of vintage arcade games, hence the kitchy name.

Personally, I’ve got spotty memories of my first visit, as some coworkers took me to the Dallas location on my 23rd birthday and started buying me shots. I maybe bit someone. I don’t wanna talk about it.

Regardless, even Drayton remembers schooling everyone at Huge Connect Four and Huge Jenga. Not to mention Mortal Kombat, Frogger, Mrs. Pac Man and, my personal, all-time favorite, Skee Ball. Now, when I was growing up, I never liked video games. I thought they were mindless crap for people who add nothing to society. It turns out, however, that Drayton is much more prone to own you in the digital realm.

Long story short—go to Barcadia. The So7 location is slated to open this month, but we all know how that goes. You’ll love it. I’ll let these pictures I stole from their website speak to you.

Great patio


Best bar food ever. Get the Sriracha ketchup. Oooohhhh shit, that Sriracha ketchup.

Huge Jenga

Yeah…so maybe I did bite her.


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