The Library Bar – Fort Worth

13 Jul

I must preface this post by saying that I was not much of an underage drinker. I know, I know. I must’ve been a total loser in high school. Well, I didn’t have a problem with my friends drinking, but temptation just never made me thirsty. Once I turned 21 though, I did it big. Being dirt-poor, it didn’t take me long to find the cheapest night out in my college town, Fort Worth. So when I raged hard, this is the place I did it.

If you’re out in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square, you’ve got to make your first stop The Library Bar. You may have heard of this place before, as it is actually a chain with locations in Fort Worth, Austin, Lubbock and Minneapolis, plus the Eagles Nest Sports Bar and Grill in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I can’t speak for every location, but I can attest that I love the Fort Worth Library far more than Austin’s.

After much time spent there during college and on trips back to Funkytown, all my friends are pretty much burnt out on this bar, but I still insist on starting the night there. That is, of course, so I can get a good buzz going without spending too much. Normally, if a bar has cheap drinks, that means they’re not very strong, but that’s definitely not the case here. A favorite among my friends has always been the Long Island Iced Tea. They’re usually part of the daily special and will get you goin’ pretty quickly; however, I’m more partial to my whiskey.

Through my college years and beyond, The Library has been has welcomed me by name, both at the door and at the bar. This began its courtship with me shortly after my 21st, and has seen me through my fat-to-skinny progress, my Bacardi 151 phase, my back-to-fat time, several birthdays, graduation and my move to Dallas. Plus, I didn’t go broke from spending so much time there…that is, I went broke from other things.

So if you’re planning a night out in F-Dub, make The Library your first stop, and you may catch a glimpse of me among all the frat stars, wannabe guidos and Affliction tees, drink in hand and reliving the glory days. Don’t forget to say hi!

Also, connect with The Library out on Twitter and Facebook, or check in using Gowalla and Foursquare. The website doesn’t have any photos, so I pulled some from my Facebook tags. Enjoy.


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