Katy Trail Ice House

10 Jul

Ever since it opened back in March, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to check out the Katy Trail Ice House. Despite the fact that it’s located on a running trail, which is not something I usually spend much time with, this place could easily be one of my new favorite chill spots in Dallas.

Prior to my first visit, the most interesting thing I had heard about this place was that lots of runners like to stop by and have a beer when they’re on the trail. Since I’d never been on the Katy Trail, I really had no idea where it was, but my trusty iPhone led me right to it. Unfortunately, parking was pretty limited to valet and parallel, but due to the construction surrounding its location, it was pretty much just valet. My car is not really the kind of car you valet (it’s falling apart), so I opted to try parking by the trail and walking it to the trail-side entrance.

Turns out that wasn’t as easy as I expected, and I ended up walking about a half-mile and scaling a small mountain to get there, but if you’re up for a workout or you drive a nicer car than I do and have a fiver handy, you’ll be fine. Once I got there, I was welcomed by tons of adorable puppies in the completely dog-friendly courtyard. They even have bowls readily available for water or food if you’re going to stay a while.

When it came to the drinks, I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t actually pay for anything because a friend was celebrating a new job, but the special of the day just happened to be Patrón buckets. These consisted of four Coronas and four shots of Patrón. That being said, I stuck to beer and tequila, but they’ve got a pretty legit selection of Texas drafts and imports, which includes both out-of-state and international brews. Mostly, I can’t wait to go back and have a beer-rita – you know…the kind where you get a schooner of frozen marg with a Corona bottle stuck right in it.

I didn’t order food because I had already eaten, but everyone else with us did, and I had to fight the urge to eat a second meal that night (shame face). Between our whole group, there were burgers and salads that raised the bar when it comes to bar food standards. If you like onion rings, you could probably wear these ones as a necklace. They’re huge. Among other things, there’s definitely a Jalapeño Jack Burger on my to-eat list on my next visit.

All in all, I’m counting down to pay day so I can make another trek to this beer garden and catch up on some of the more tempting items I missed on the menu. And if I’m still poor, I can always just play that game where you toss bean bags into a hole…because they have it. Not even kidding. It’s awesome. Until then, here are some pics I stole from their website to give you a better idea of what’s going on there. Questions?

Can we go? Please?


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